I watched this movie last week. I guess it’s now an appropriate time to write a little about it without spoiling the fun of some. Walking out the theater, I have nothing in mind but a deepest respect for the director Christoper Nolan. How remarkable is his imagination! Everything springs out of fundamental principles in physics, being creative but not absurd. How dazzling is the ring of light surrounding the gigantic black-hole! How magnificent is the journey through the wormhole, full of lavishly blossoming optical illusion! How marvelous is his world beyond the event horizon, scientifically known to permit traveling through time! The ordinary concept of distance and time vanishes in a cosmic scale, and it is exploited exquisitely in the movie with no lack of an emotional touch. What I found the most remarkable is the effort that the production team puts in to elevate ordinary people from their daily necessities to ponder upon the alluring wonders of our universe. Such contemplation, followed by a careful reflection, will surely give people a better perspective into many important aspects of our ordinary life.


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