Assume there exists a fair game where no one is given any privileges over the rest. The rule of the game is such that we are forced to select one of them as the winner. So, who should we choose as the winner? Since no one is given any privileges, they share no privileges to be chosen. It seems that fairness and game are terms that never coexist. If fair, it’s unfair.

Fair game must never exist. 


2 thoughts on “On Fairness

  1. “Since no one is given any privileges, they share no privileges to be chosen.”

    One does not have to be given any privileges to have privileges. The fact that one can learn a new skill means one might gain an extra advantage over the other.

    Also “Fair game must never exist”. I assume you meant “Fair game doesn’t exist”. Didn’t you began with an assumption? Therefore your concluding statement is only true if your assumption of “where no one is given any privileges over the rest” is true.

    That we know is not true, it is indeed a truth that some people are born with some predisposition to certain things – good or bad.

  2. Nice comment!

    My definition of fair game is no one has any privilege over the rest. The privilege can be anything. Someone can learn a new skill, then that extra incentive to learn a new skill is his privilege. In the light of such definition, the deduction goes: if there is a fair game, then the game is not fair. Contradiction. Therefore fair game doesn’t exist.

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