This is the final CS3216 blog entry, to summarize what i have learnt from this module. Truth be told, it is a great module, and i am honored to be part of it. Recalling the journey, it all started out when I received the message calling for people who have a dream. I am one of those people who were deeply attracted by its description and immediately applied even though I have little experience and no knowledge in how a programming project would be like. It turned out that this module has half programming people, a quarter designer and a quarter random people. This makes this class unique because there are fresh ideas flowing in from all those different people coming from different environment both academically and physically. Prof Ben is a passionate person, he has so much energy and thought that is waiting to share with us, i simply enjoy all of these.

First project we did is a project management tool, from which i started to learn how to write html, css and php. Design is my main job for this project, both functional and artistic. I was satisfied with what i have done for the first project and Aldrian and I decided if have time we will continue with it.

Aldrian is a nice person, i still remember before the final project starts, we two, holding the same belief in open source research, tried to look for teammates but failed. Failure is no good reason to stop believing. I will starve to it in the coming future. The best thing about this module is that we can do any bold things, except porn and gambling :), and there is people who guide us towards that goal, the experience is simply memorable.

Second assignment is about mobile cloud, i felt that i didn’t put into much energy into it, which i didn’t regret because i fully utilize that time and accomplish a great research project. There is no way to predict.

So soon came the final projects, and so soon it finished up, i have done everything that i can and everything that i can’t but now i can for this project, the experience is great when you put all your energy into something. It is about managing social finance. At first I don’t have much interests in this application but after seeing my teammates’ passion in it, i started to get affected and became passionate as well. Passion really can pass around. Be passionate 🙂

I can’t recall how many difficulties I have faced when doing the project, solving the problems become part of habit, and part of life. As said by Prof Ben, CS3216 is about solving real life problem. Real life is tough and harsh, that’s why we worked so hard to solve them.

Yesterday I finished with another module SP3173. It is part of Special Program in Science syllables, and it is the last module in SPS. Very short is my journey here, even those people i don’t frequently meet. My feelings are strange, I know I missed it.

In the midst of the semester, i have severe self questioning. What kind of life do I want to live, now I think i have an answer. The whole semester experience is tough, and demanding. This is quite the opposite the life style of my previous years. I enjoyed peaceful life, and i like to solve hard problems. I don’t like the kind of life where I have to spend hours to do labor work. I more enjoyed to spend days to solve a hard problem which no one has solved before. I like creating, but more towards creating for fun instead of creating for value. This is not directly beneficial for the community but anyway i just like it. I like reading. Spending this whole semester without reading a book i felt unease. I believe in independent thinking instead of team works, even though this semester i realized the importance of teamwork as well. The most creative work must be from one person, this is my believe.

Glad that at the end of this semester I managed to get all this question clear. CS3216 is more about a spirit. Pushing one self hard and be different. That’s what I want to say as a thank you note both for Prof Ben and CS3216.


One thought on “See you

  1. “It is a demanding module, very much like CS3216, we have the freedom to do anything we want, in the scope of scientific research. Our team chose”

    Anyway, nice post, Aaron =)
    Nice working with you, thank you for your kindness that we can get to our final project groups.

    Hope you’re going well with the next semester! (or maybe I should say, for this semester exams? =D)

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