I am supposed to write the final blog entry however because I didn’t write since week 8 I have to reserve my final blog post a few days more.

Here I want to talk about several thought that I had recently. As designing CSS for our website, different screen resolutions are really troublesome. It forces a designer to waste much of his time solving problems that are not related to art. I wonder whether there is any simplicity solution to this, otherwise we must invent it. Efficiency and creativity are highly related to the level of concentration of which we can have on the most essential problems. The rest we should always keep as minimum. Java is there because we don’t want to waste time programming for different platforms, and HTML5 also does the same thing. Functionality is hard to increase, but concentration level is easy to be raised. There must be a way so solve CSS problem, either invented by others or by us.

Animation in jQuery is also troublesome. It is controlled by numbers, yet numbers are hard to visualize, at least for a normal people like me, therefore much of the energy of a designer is wasted on imagining how things  actually look like instead of how they should look like. There must be a simple solution to this, again if no one does we should take the responsibility to produce it. The direction that I approach this problem is to connect website with video editing software like after effects, thereby making it possible to animate Divs visually by dragging or setting keyframes. It really saved my energy. I believe this functionality can be extended more and is able to produce some really cool effects. I also sense that there is a need for such kind of a website like balsamiq yet specialized for animation.

Above is some recent thought. I will sleep now.


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