Short write up on things that I learned from CS3216 lecture and peer appraisal.

There was a discussion on whether we should find teammates first or come up with an idea first. The final conclusion leans towards team sides and I agree with that because ideas are really easy to get but good teammates are not. However, the definition of idea here has a restricted meaning, which is a specific idea that is executable, producible and marketable. In a more general sense, it includes how one sees the world. People have their own life philosophy, and finding teammates are like finding friends. Good friends share similar philosophy. In light of this, ideas can help build up a team. These two terms are not separable.

We should guide our users. The principle of user interface design is really to make it as simple as possible for users to navigate through. This conclusion amazed me because despite our intelligence, everyone must be treated as stupid.

Should there be a leader ? There need not be definite answer to this question. The existence of leader is create order out of chaos. If the environment is ordered, then the existence of leader is not necessary.

On peer appraisal, first I have to thank those who wrote highly on me. You help me gain more confidence 🙂 Also, thank those who gave me suggestions and listed my bad points, I know more about myself and help me get clear what I really want from this module. Interestingly, many good points overlap with bad points. I think I am very fun & interests driven person, once those are lost, I don’t feel like it anymore.




One thought on “Week 7

  1. “Good friends share similar philosophy.”
    That is not always true. Sometimes best friends have the most opposite philosophy.

    “..intelligence, everyone must be treated as stupid.”
    Maybe not “stupid” but rather “simple”. Everyone have enough things to worry in their plate already. If users are expected to spend extra energy just to achieve a simple task. Chances are they will not use it for long. iPhone and its “simple it just works” philosophy is one good example. Although I like more “customization” than “simplicity”, not everyone is like me.

    ” If the environment is ordered, then the existence of leader is not necessary.”
    I think it’s very hard to ignore “entropy”. I don’t think an environment can be orderly if leave to its own.

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