Last week wasn’t a memorable week. I am trying to recall but few things flash through my mind. This week’s 3216 lecture was about HTML 5 and Mobile Programming. It is interesting to see the evolution of web programming, starting from static web page to more interactive webpages and then towards more artistic pages. There is a general trend toward being easier, faster and nicer, and this trend is not limited in the field web programming.

Easier for user would mean smarter as a computer. How smart can a computer be? Is there a limitation? Once my friend and I discussed about this problem, his point of view is that computer is originated from pure mathematical concepts which has no analogy in nature, thus it is different from human brain and hard to reach the same level of intelligence. My point of view is that the way towards intelligence need not be unique, simple interactions can generate intelligence like behavior after reaching certain level of complexity. Therefore I believe there need not be a limitation in how smart the computer can be.

Faster. The computational power doubles every year, it is not because Moore’s law is correct, but because if you don’t, others will. Competitions force the law to be true, the law itself changes the nature it is describing. This is interesting 😀

Nicer also means more artistic. I think that the desire for functionality is external desire but the desire for art is from inner desire. When external desires are satisfied, people start to feed their inner desire.



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