Finally I have some spare time to write this post. The objective is to reflect on what I have learned in the recent week.

1. Should we share ideas or should we keep them secretly?

I think the only difference between sharing and not sharing is that by sharing idea you get less recognition (and also less money. Yet the desire for money is also part of the desire for recognition). People want to be recognized, that’s why at the first place we start to discuss this question. Therefore the answer to this question will largely depend on one’s sense of value. For me, I believe that sharing idea is both healthy for myself and healthy for my community. 😀

2.  Potential—–>now—->100%

In the lecture, i was impress by the saying that a person’s potential cannot be fully realized without internal motivations. In other words, there is a limit in how much potential we can reach only by external motivation. This sounds to me so true! Where on the line am I? Am I pushing myself hard?

3. Over-communicate

Yes, through this week’s teamwork experience, i realize that over-communicate is really important for a team to get synchronized in their ideas. Without a good communication, the ideas among the team members may largely diverge, and some work may overlap or may be very hard to combine. That’s sad 😦

4. No one is certain

All our experience is through sensational data. We see, we hear and we smell.  So what will happen if what we see is false? Is there really some real knowledge that are not limited by our senses? This question seems so silly, yet it is a core question that philosopher seeks to answer. An answer given by Hume gave me a deep impression: “whatever in knowledge is of empirical origin is never certain.” It says something that have never occured to me before, which affects my understanding of knowledge thereafter. No one is certain, and nothing is certain. Don’t be limited by the empirical truth given by others, we should be brave to follow our intuition and speculative mind. That’s my understanding of this sentence. 😀

Finally, I was lucky to be in a great team, my teammates are all very nice and kind, and hardworking of course! Wish we could build a great app after ten days 😀


One thought on “Recent Week

  1. Where on the line am I? Am I pushing myself hard?

    These are important questions. You have to KNOW YOURSELF. Hopefully, you already do. If not, hopefully, you will learn something about yourself over the next 11 weeks. 🙂

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