The first time i played a computer game is when i was 2 years old. I can still remember some images: I am a small dragon, and many deadly monsters try to kill me. It was fun and i loved that a lot.

Yet my first attempt to make a game was five years later, through a software called “game factory”. It was quite an “idiot friendly” software, but it’s in Japanese. Therefore, i failed my first attempt.

I can’t remember when was my second attempt, and I even doubt whether it can be called a game. It was a game played by real persons. Two persons standing face to face clap their hands. After one clap they both give their actions, like attack, defend, etc. This kind of game was quite popular in my primary school days, but the kind of actions that the person can choose from were quite limited. So my friend and I designed more interesting actions like different levels of attack. It was quite successful.

The third game I tried was even more ridiculous. It was my last year at primary school. A deadly disease called SARS was spreading all over China at that time. It was terrifying but I enjoyed that period of time very much because for almost a year I can stay at home and play. One of my good friends, whose name is Xue Hao, always come to my house and played computer games with me. We both love role play games very much. Yet our parents always prevent us from playing. Games, to them, always seem to be distracting and addictive. Thereafter, facing difficulties in using computers, we decided to not to use computers but play the game verbally. One person will be the main actor, the other person will be game master. game master verbally tells all the stories and simulate the game software, main actor will tell the game master what choice he makes. It may sound hard and uninteresting to play, but we got addicted into it and spent countless days playing that game. All the plot was impromptu and it was so much fun.

Now I couldn’t believe that we could have so much imagination during our childhood. Where did we lost them? Because we have grown up? Because we have to earn money? or because we have given them up?


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