Here i want to say some words about module CS3216.

When i first saw the email asking for application of this module, i was immediately attracted by its description. Motivated from the Last Lecture, this module is solely about realizing childhood dreams. It reminds me some of my early dreams, of which making a computer game is one.

Having little programming experience, I know this module will be challenging for me both mentally and physically, but one thing i am very sure is that once upon finishing it, the learning journey will be a memorable experience.

To talk about what i wish to learn from this module, i am not sure yet, because what’s in my mind Β is just what dream i want to realize. I’m prepared to learn anything that can bring me closer.

I don’t believe one module can teach a person any meaningful knowledge. Knowledge must be self-taught. Of course if this module changes my view point i will be more than glad to see. πŸ˜€

At last, wish everyone can achieve something meaningful through this course, we should be helping each other along the way! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “What I want to learn in CS3216

  1. Why did you want to make computer games? Do you STILL want to make games? πŸ™‚

    What exactly is your dream now? Why do you think that CS3216 will bring you closer to your dream?

  2. Hi Prof. Ben, thank you for your comment.
    After careful thought, I realized that my passion is not really on games. I think I like to create things. For the things that I love more, I feel more urge to create one on my own. Game is one example because I used to play game a lot during my primary school days. Also, I start to feel my physics modules are becoming boring compared with this module. I guess the reason is that in physics my knowledge is still very limited. It’s hard to create new things in physics, and it’s hard to even be brave enough to create. By following the results of others and sometimes even by being forced to accept, I guess that’s why physics become bored. It’s not because of the subject, it’s because of the people. Thankfully, CS3216 is not as those, thank you Prof. Ben for making this possible!
    Why CS3216 can bring me closer to dreams, I think the answer is that I am still not brave enough to pause my physics and do programming on my own. There is a deep historical root in many PRC students’ mind that scores are the most important things. It’s hard to escape from this thinking. I have been trying but the psychological obstacle is still not thoroughly overcome, which is why I choose to take a module to force myself to do what I want. πŸ˜€

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